Performance & workshop bookings


You can order Michaela to perform at your party and event. Performances are suitable for a wide range of events: homeparties, company events, art happenings, galleries, fashion shows, fairs and big arenas. Michaela perform as a duet with a musician or with the Hottest male dancers of the Universe. Or if you are looking for profound and transformative Queen workshop for work communities or other groups, please contact. Inquiries can be sent to: Below are descriptions of performances and The Queen of Everything workshop.

Michaela´s Energetic dance- and musicperformances

Order Michaela's energetic, empowering, moving, shaking, touching, cleansing, glamorous... dance-and musicperformance, that touches your every cell. Michaela will appear each time with different musicians representing varying energies. Each performance is unique and customized to suit your event. The duration of each show is approximately 15-20 minutes. Your options for atmosphere and energy may include the following: Clarity, Sweet Sensuality, Destroyer of Darkness, Queen of Light, Fucking Free from Everything, Essential, Love, Purple Power (Bitches). Healing scents are part of the shows.

Watch short videoclips of performances:

photos: Thomas Nie, Carine Tedesco, Elisa Saarenketo & Katri Antikainen.


Michaela and Her Hottest Men in the Unoverse: Destroyer of Darkness&Sweet Sensuality

Michaela and Her Hottest Men in the Universe: Destroyer of Darkness will bring you a wonderful, sensual, powerful, beautiful, invigorating, erotic, and vibrating energy. This intense show incorporates dance and music, inspired by sexy dance sessions in the movie "Magic Mike XXL." The crew will inspire you with a touching 15-20 minute performance. This show will always be presented by Michaela (Laura Pietiläinen) and 2-4 of her supersexy male dancers Wet-eran (Pietari Kärki), Magic Mike (Mikko Makkonen), Mars (Iiro Näkki) and/or Ken (Johannes Purovaara).

photos: 1,2 Katri Naukkarinen , 3 spectator


Queen of Everything workshop – A journey towards inner strength and well-being

In this workshop we focus on our inner self, let our emotions move and be expressed. We listen to our deepest personal desires, share our worries and observe what prevents us from being free, happy, and believing in our dreams. The workshop contains different practices that open up the locks of our body and mind. With free and therapeutic dance, we soften and open up our bodies. With breath and voice exercises, we attune to our inner self-expression. With exercises of touch, we unlock tension and support one another on the journey to our exquisite inner queen. The duration of the course can be dimensioned according to the agreement. It can be for example once a week for several weeks or a week-end course. The course can be customized according to group needs and group size.

The workshop is led by choreographer and dancer Laura Pietiläinen and musician and music teacher Sirja Puurtinen. For several years, they have supported one another in their journeys to the inner queen, and they have created exercises to unlocking internal blocks. Exercises are based on a variety of body therapies, yoga, dance, music, and song. Laura and Sirja have led workshops together at e.g. Zodiak – Center for New Dance. No previous skills are required to participate in the workshops.