Photo: Linda Lipponen, costume: Minna Paussu

Photo: Linda Lipponen, costume: Minna Paussu


Laura Pietiläinen 08/05/1980



Master of dance, choreography program, Theater Academy 2008

Bachelor of dance, Theater Academy 2005

Studies in aesthetics at the University of Helsinki 2008-2010

Acceptance for Doctoral studies Theater Academy 2010

My recent artistic work(2013-2019):

As a choreographer, a dancer and some of them also a singer:


  • The Ground beneath her feet. The dancevideo-installation in Palazzo Lucarini Trevi Italia. Live-performance in opening of the exhibition. May 2019.

  • The Sparrow, The musicvideo with John Westmoreland. Director: Cristal Alakoski. Released in April 2019.

  • -Michaela, Sara-The Transformer&Superartists: Metamorphic Rocks-Four spheres of flowing seasons. Kajaste-gallery Helsinki, March 2019.

  • -Michaela,Paula Tuovinen&Hot Tubes: Blondes, Center for New Dance Zodiak, Helsinki Finland, December 2018 and Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu, January 2019.

  • -Michaela&The hottest men in the Universe: Destroyer of Darkness&Sweet Sensuality, Weekday party, Tiivistämö Helsinki, September 2018.

  • - Michaela: Courage dance. Co-operation with Vimmacompany in Helsinki Design Week, Cable Factory and Suvilahti, September 2018.

  • - Michaela-energetic performances in Minna Paussu and KATIVEE clothes, Frankie clothing shop, Helsinki Design Week, September 2018

  • -Michaela: Fucking Free From Everything. A duet with the musician Eero Savela, Night of the Arts Helsinki, August 2018.

  • - Michaela: Vimma-dancevideo. A campaign against bullying with a fashion company Vimma, shooting in Helsinki, August 2018.

  • - Blessing Dance and Warrior Dance for my little sister Mimmi in her funeral, music by Sirja Puurtinen and singing Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, July 2018.

  • - Love-performance. together with Lauri Mattila, in wedding June 2018.

  • - Michaela: Gigs of Energetic dances. Queen of Light with musician Anni Mattila and Endless Ether with my sister singer Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, private events, June 2018.

  • - Kottarainen-dance to my grandmother in her funeral, May 2018 - Michaela: Endless Ether. Energy performance, singing: Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, music and piano: Kristin Vining, First congregation church of Walla Walla, USA, May 2018.

  • - Michaela:Accross the vast eternal sky. Choreographed choir piece. Music: Alvarez Osun Requiem. Choir leading: Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, Whitman University, Walla Walla, USA, April 2018.

  • - Michaela: Purple Power (bitches). Duet with musician Sirja Puurtinen, Alakulttuuritalo Helsinki, January-February 2018.


  • - Michaela: Essential-solo. ASSH Magic Forest in Korjaamo, Helsinki, December 2017.

  • - Michaela: The Queen of Light. Duet with musician Anni Mattila, ASSH Christmass party, Helsinki, December 2017

  • - Michaela: Essential. Duet with perfume maker Ayin de Sela, Château de Monthelon, France, October 2017.

  • - Adorables 2. Duet with performer Lauri Mattila, Château de Monthelon, France, October 2017.

  • - Michaela: Sweet Sensuality, Destroyer of Darkness & Clarity, Musicians: Siri Puurtinen, Mikko Joensuu and Teemu Mustonen, Design ArtMAJA, Helsinki Design Week, Lucia-classpavilion, September 2017.

  • - Michaela: Fucking Free From Everything, duet with musician Eero Savela & Vestiarium. Galleria Esplanad, September 2017 - Scenes in the station, live model drawing and dance improvisation together with visual artist Elina Aho, station of Huopalahti August 2017

  • - Michaela: Breaking Free, Michaela + Anni (Music), Vestiarium Fashion Show in Fashion Week Helsinki, Amos Anderson Museum, July 2017

  • - Michaela: Clarity-videos: Wisdom, Delight, Goddess, 3 dance videos, Lovia, Space Odyssey, released May 2017. In Stockmann June-July 2017.

  • - Vision, Mission, Functional Culture, 3 Duets with Violinist Sirja Puurtinen, National Board of Education, April 2017.

  • - Michaela-The Queen of Love & Sulo aka Dr. Love: Love, February 2017, University student theater of Helsinki.


  • -Spectac-O-Rama, Reloaded, Michaela-TQofFE and her hottest men in the Universe together with Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts band, Kapsäkki, December 2016, premiered in 26.8.2016, Midnight Night, Seinäjoki.

  • -Cruising for Art, Michaela: Endless Ether, a performance conception created by Brian Lobel, one to one performances and the starperformance of Sweet Sensuality in the club of Dance house in Helsinki, October 2016.

  • -Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything, Solospectacle, in Zodiak Helsinki, September 2016. -The Darkest Hits, Michaela: Destroyer of Darkness, concept of.Maija Mustonen, JoJo Oulu, April-May 2016.

  • -Michaela: Sparkles an Smells. Little solos in Chateau de Monthelon France, March 2016. -Love, Beauty and Pleasure. Solo for one viewer at a time in the concept of Brian Lobel Cruising for Art, the club of Dance house at Cable factory in Helsinki, February 2016.


  • -The Divine-New Age Musical, concept together with Maija Mustonen and group Hot Tubes, Zodiak December.2015 -Blue Planet (part2) InstantKarma performance mixing dance&classical singing at Le'Space, October 2015

  • -Blue Planet (part1). InstantKarma performance, Chateau de Monthelon France, May 2015. - Amour's Tigers and Glamorous Love. Drag, rap, female gymnastics, modern dance, gorgeous costumes and a silly show. University Student Theater of Helsinki, LéSpace, Cafe Mascot. April-May 2015.

  • -Stabat Mater. Instant karman performance, classical singng and physical expression unifying work. Kallio Church, Winter Garden and Alppila Church, March-April 2015.


  • -The Greatest Dance Hits. Solo in Michael Jackson's Bad. December 2014, Zodiak Helsinki. Concept Maija Mustonen.

  • - Free, flower, broad, joy, radical, light, affection, chaos. Performance in radical good together with Emmi Venna. State of emergency Festival. Kiasma. October 2014. - Spring of your life. Humorous hypnosis / dance performance along with Lauri Mattila and Anne Toivonen at the Eskusplosion event, Center for Performing Arts, Suvilahti, September 2014

  • -Kanon melia-the nymf of tree. InstantKarma performance combining classic singing and physical expression May-June and September 2013, ForumBox, Helsinki and July 2014 Suomesta-gallery, Berlin

  • - Scenes. The ritual of the body, vibrating and bare for the dancer. Part of Huvipuisto concept in University student theater of Helsinki, Mustikkamaa Helsinki, July - August 2013 - Adorables. A show of physical expression, love story and fireworks together with Lauri Mattila, in University student theater of Helsinki, Mustikkamaa August 2013.

  • -When I walked out of the door I moved in the air organically part 1 and 2 An energetic dance show along with Joonas Lampi. On the stage of University studen theatre of Helsinki in May, August and December 2013

As a danser and one of them also a singer:


  • KuplatJuhlat. Mystical group dancing together with the PohjonenAlanko band. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2018, Cityhouse of Hanko.


  • - Dance photography by Marko Rantanen. Photo of 8 dancers. Emerging Talend Awards Photo Competition, October 2017


  • -KuplatJuhlat. Improvisation-based mystical dance and music show on the beach of Hanko. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2016

  • -Knowing of time. Leila Kourkia's final work in choreography in which R Strauss's song was presented as stretched space into varied and rippling sound and dance, Teak, February 2016.


  • -Kuplat. Improvisation-based mystical dance and music show in Hanko's beach with with big dance and music group. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2014.

  • - Zodiak Z-free : Lion. A solo for me created with Saara Töyrylä, Zodiak, August 2014.

  • -Yhä. theater performance, which was gracing and celebrating about beeing together, director: Lauri Mattila, University student theater of Helsinki, April-May 2014. 2013:

  • - Olives and stones. In other spaces-group, in the biennal of Venice, July 2013 .

As a choreographer:


  • - Taidehalli by dancing 2. A dance tour in Spirit in Art-exhibition made together with the guide Iiris Markkola, Taidehalli Helsinki, December 2017.

  • -Taidehalli by dancing. A dancetour in selfpotraits in time-exhibition, Taidehalli Helsinki, June-July 2017.


  • -Limitless group. Choreography together with dance artist Jenni Urpilainen. Danceritual for 10 dancestudents of Kälviä Folk High School, K.H.Renlund Museum, Kokkola February 1014.

Artistic groups:

  • Member of The GoGo dance group Hot Tubes since spring 2015, set up by Maija Mustonen.

  • Member of Juntta, the Artistic Management Team of University Student Theater of Helsinki in 2010-2013.

  • InstantKarma, together with singer Niina Victoria Tamminiemi started 2011. We create performances mixing classical singing and dancing.

  • Member of In other spaces group 2009-2014, set up by Esa Kirkkopelto.


  • Women's recreation days, Villa Salin Helsinki, June-July 2017 The Queens of the Universe, Zodiak, April-May 2017.

  • Water drift course, Maija Mustonen, Pietiläinen, Zodiak November 2016.

  • Queens of Fucking Everything Course, Pietiläinen, Sirja Puurtinen.Zodiak, May

  • -June 2016 Divine - Find your inner goddess course, Pietiläinen, Mustonen. Zodiak, 15 September- 30 October 2015

  • A Spaceshop exploring the personal writing and experiential existence together with writer Veikko Nuutinen in Unuversity student theater of Helsinki, autumn 2010-spring 2013.


  • Resident artist with media-artist Sara Pathirane and choreographer-dancers: Iina Taijonlahti and Suvi Tuominen, Palazzo Lucarini Trevi Italy.

  • Resident artist as Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything, Chateau de Monthelon, France in March 2016 and October 2017.

  • As a resident artist with the Go Go dance group Hot Tubes, Saarenkartano in August 2017, Kutomo in Turku in June 2015 and STL in Tallinn in August 2015.

  • Resident artist as Instantkarma, Suomesta-gallery in Berlin July 2014 and Chateau de Monthelon in France May 2015.

  • Resident artist with the choreographers Eeva Muilu and Heli Meklin in Villa Karo Benin in March-April 2009 and at Teatro Fondamento Nuove Venice in March 2008.

Classical singing:

  • A student of Niina Victoria Tamminiemi since 2000.

  • Examination 2/2 in 2004