Laura Pietiläinen 08/05/1980


Photo: Lauri Mattila

Photo: Lauri Mattila


Master of dance, choreography program, Theater Academy 2008

Bachelor of dance, Theater Academy 2005

Studies in aesthetics at the University of Helsinki 2008-2010

Acceptance for Doctoral studies Theater Academy 2010

My recent artistic work(2013-2019):

As a choreographer, a dancer and some of them also a singer:


  • -Michaela&baby: Blue Babies in Nude Magic Blue performance happening as a part of Sara Kovamäki´s Nude Blue - exhibition in cultural centre Laikku Tampere, September 2019.

  • -Michaela, Leila Kourkia&Saara Norvio: Invitation- the return of the storerooms, music: Kim Modig, Itä2019 - festival, Stoa Helsinki, September 2019.

  • -Michaela,Paula Tuovinen&Hot Tubes: Blondes-demo in Performing Hel-festival, Center for New Dance Zodiak Helsinki, September 2019

  • -After Life - dance & fashion video. Director: Riina Salmi. Designer: Iivo Evijärvi. Released in June 2019.

  • -The Ground beneath her feet. The dancevideo-installation in Palazzo Lucarini Trevi Italia. Live-performance in opening of the exhibition. May 2019.

  • -Michaela & Sara - The Transformer: Summer sphere. Music: Sirja Puurtinen. UrbanApa witch circle, Putte’s bar, Helsinki, April 2019.

  • -The Sparrow, The musicvideo with John Westmoreland. Director: Cristal Alakoski. Released in April 2019.

  • -Michaela, Sara-The Transformer&Superartists: Metamorphic Rocks-Four spheres of flowing seasons. Kajaste-gallery Helsinki, March 2019.

  • -Michaela,Paula Tuovinen&Hot Tubes: Blondes, Center for New Dance Zodiak, Helsinki Finland, December 2018 and Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu, January 2019.

  • -Michaela&The hottest men in the Universe: Destroyer of Darkness&Sweet Sensuality, Weekday party, Tiivistämö Helsinki, September 2018.

  • - Michaela: Courage dance. Co-operation with Vimmacompany in Helsinki Design Week, Cable Factory and Suvilahti, September 2018.

  • - Michaela-energetic performances in Minna Paussu and KATIVEE clothes, Frankie clothing shop, Helsinki Design Week, September 2018

  • -Michaela: Fucking Free From Everything. A duet with the musician Eero Savela, Night of the Arts Helsinki, August 2018.

  • - Michaela: Vimma-dancevideo. A campaign against bullying with a fashion company Vimma, shooting in Helsinki, August 2018.

  • - Blessing Dance and Warrior Dance for my little sister Mimmi in her funeral, music by Sirja Puurtinen and singing Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, July 2018.

  • - Love-performance. together with Lauri Mattila, in wedding June 2018.

  • - Michaela: Gigs of Energetic dances. Queen of Light with musician Anni Mattila and Endless Ether with my sister singer Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, private events, June 2018.

  • - Kottarainen-dance to my grandmother in her funeral, May 2018 - Michaela: Endless Ether. Energy performance, singing: Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, music and piano: Kristin Vining, First congregation church of Walla Walla, USA, May 2018.

  • - Michaela:Accross the vast eternal sky. Choreographed choir piece. Music: Alvarez Osun Requiem. Choir leading: Riikka Pietiläinen-Caffrey, Whitman University, Walla Walla, USA, April 2018.

  • - Michaela: Purple Power (bitches). Duet with musician Sirja Puurtinen, Alakulttuuritalo Helsinki, January-February 2018.


  • - Michaela: Essential-solo. ASSH Magic Forest in Korjaamo, Helsinki, December 2017.

  • - Michaela: The Queen of Light. Duet with musician Anni Mattila, ASSH Christmass party, Helsinki, December 2017

  • - Michaela: Essential. Duet with perfume maker Ayin de Sela, Château de Monthelon, France, October 2017.

  • - Adorables 2. Duet with performer Lauri Mattila, Château de Monthelon, France, October 2017.

  • - Michaela: Sweet Sensuality, Destroyer of Darkness & Clarity, Musicians: Siri Puurtinen, Mikko Joensuu and Teemu Mustonen, Design ArtMAJA, Helsinki Design Week, Lucia-classpavilion, September 2017.

  • - Michaela: Fucking Free From Everything, duet with musician Eero Savela & Vestiarium. Galleria Esplanad, September 2017 - Scenes in the station, live model drawing and dance improvisation together with visual artist Elina Aho, station of Huopalahti August 2017

  • - Michaela: Breaking Free, Michaela + Anni (Music), Vestiarium Fashion Show in Fashion Week Helsinki, Amos Anderson Museum, July 2017

  • - Michaela: Clarity-videos: Wisdom, Delight, Goddess, 3 dance videos, Lovia, Space Odyssey, released May 2017. In Stockmann June-July 2017.

  • - Vision, Mission, Functional Culture, 3 Duets with Violinist Sirja Puurtinen, National Board of Education, April 2017.

  • - Michaela-The Queen of Love & Sulo aka Dr. Love: Love, February 2017, University student theater of Helsinki.


  • -Spectac-O-Rama, Reloaded, Michaela-TQofFE and her hottest men in the Universe together with Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts band, Kapsäkki, December 2016, premiered in 26.8.2016, Midnight Night, Seinäjoki.

  • -Cruising for Art, Michaela: Endless Ether, a performance conception created by Brian Lobel, one to one performances and the starperformance of Sweet Sensuality in the club of Dance house in Helsinki, October 2016.

  • -Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything, Solospectacle, in Zodiak Helsinki, September 2016. -The Darkest Hits, Michaela: Destroyer of Darkness, concept of.Maija Mustonen, JoJo Oulu, April-May 2016.

  • -Michaela: Sparkles an Smells. Little solos in Chateau de Monthelon France, March 2016. -Love, Beauty and Pleasure. Solo for one viewer at a time in the concept of Brian Lobel Cruising for Art, the club of Dance house at Cable factory in Helsinki, February 2016.


  • -The Divine-New Age Musical, concept together with Maija Mustonen and group Hot Tubes, Zodiak December.2015 -Blue Planet (part2) InstantKarma performance mixing dance&classical singing at Le'Space, October 2015

  • -Blue Planet (part1). InstantKarma performance, Chateau de Monthelon France, May 2015. - Amour's Tigers and Glamorous Love. Drag, rap, female gymnastics, modern dance, gorgeous costumes and a silly show. University Student Theater of Helsinki, LéSpace, Cafe Mascot. April-May 2015.

  • -Stabat Mater. Instant karman performance, classical singng and physical expression unifying work. Kallio Church, Winter Garden and Alppila Church, March-April 2015.


  • -The Greatest Dance Hits. Solo in Michael Jackson's Bad. December 2014, Zodiak Helsinki. Concept Maija Mustonen.

  • - Free, flower, broad, joy, radical, light, affection, chaos. Performance in radical good together with Emmi Venna. State of emergency Festival. Kiasma. October 2014. - Spring of your life. Humorous hypnosis / dance performance along with Lauri Mattila and Anne Toivonen at the Eskusplosion event, Center for Performing Arts, Suvilahti, September 2014

  • -Kanon melia-the nymf of tree. InstantKarma performance combining classic singing and physical expression May-June and September 2013, ForumBox, Helsinki and July 2014 Suomesta-gallery, Berlin

  • - Scenes. The ritual of the body, vibrating and bare for the dancer. Part of Huvipuisto concept in University student theater of Helsinki, Mustikkamaa Helsinki, July - August 2013 - Adorables. A show of physical expression, love story and fireworks together with Lauri Mattila, in University student theater of Helsinki, Mustikkamaa August 2013.

  • -When I walked out of the door I moved in the air organically part 1 and 2 An energetic dance show along with Joonas Lampi. On the stage of University studen theatre of Helsinki in May, August and December 2013

As a danser and one of them also a singer:


  • KuplatJuhlat. Mystical group dancing together with the PohjonenAlanko band. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2018, Cityhouse of Hanko.


  • - Dance photography by Marko Rantanen. Photo of 8 dancers. Emerging Talend Awards Photo Competition, October 2017


  • -KuplatJuhlat. Improvisation-based mystical dance and music show on the beach of Hanko. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2016

  • -Knowing of time. Leila Kourkia's final work in choreography in which R Strauss's song was presented as stretched space into varied and rippling sound and dance, Teak, February 2016.


  • -Kuplat. Improvisation-based mystical dance and music show in Hanko's beach with with big dance and music group. Concept: Sari Palmgren, Saara Töyrylä, Tuomas Norvio, August 2014.

  • - Zodiak Z-free : Lion. A solo for me created with Saara Töyrylä, Zodiak, August 2014.

  • -Yhä. theater performance, which was gracing and celebrating about beeing together, director: Lauri Mattila, University student theater of Helsinki, April-May 2014. 2013:

  • - Olives and stones. In other spaces-group, in the biennal of Venice, July 2013 .

As a choreographer:


  • - Taidehalli by dancing 2. A dance tour in Spirit in Art-exhibition made together with the guide Iiris Markkola, Taidehalli Helsinki, December 2017.

  • -Taidehalli by dancing. A dancetour in selfpotraits in time-exhibition, Taidehalli Helsinki, June-July 2017.


  • -Limitless group. Choreography together with dance artist Jenni Urpilainen. Danceritual for 10 dancestudents of Kälviä Folk High School, K.H.Renlund Museum, Kokkola February 1014.

Artistic groups:

  • Member of The GoGo dance group Hot Tubes since spring 2015, set up by Maija Mustonen.

  • Member of Juntta, the Artistic Management Team of University Student Theater of Helsinki in 2010-2013.

  • InstantKarma, together with singer Niina Victoria Tamminiemi started 2011. We create performances mixing classical singing and dancing.

  • Member of In other spaces group 2009-2014, set up by Esa Kirkkopelto.


  • Smell and movement-workshop in UrbanAba Toolbox #14, Helsinki, May 2019.

  • Movement and visual art- workshop for kids with Sara Pathirane, Iina Taijolahti and Suvi Tuominen, Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi Italy, May 2019.

  • Throw yourself into movement-dance course, Zodiak Helsinki, September-October 2018.

  • Women's recreation days, Villa Salin Helsinki, June-July 2017 The Queens of the Universe, Zodiak, April-May 2017.

  • Water drift course, Maija Mustonen, Pietiläinen, Zodiak November 2016.

  • Queens of Fucking Everything Course, Pietiläinen, Sirja Puurtinen.Zodiak, May

  • -June 2016 Divine - Find your inner goddess course, Pietiläinen, Mustonen. Zodiak, 15 September- 30 October 2015

  • A Spaceshop exploring the personal writing and experiential existence together with writer Veikko Nuutinen in Unuversity student theater of Helsinki, autumn 2010-spring 2013.


  • Resident artist with media-artist Sara Pathirane and choreographer-dancers: Iina Taijonlahti and Suvi Tuominen, Palazzo Lucarini Trevi Italy.

  • Resident artist as Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything, Chateau de Monthelon, France in March 2016 and October 2017.

  • As a resident artist with the Go Go dance group Hot Tubes, Saarenkartano in August 2017, Kutomo in Turku in June 2015 and STL in Tallinn in August 2015.

  • Resident artist as Instantkarma, Suomesta-gallery in Berlin July 2014 and Chateau de Monthelon in France May 2015.

  • Resident artist with the choreographers Eeva Muilu and Heli Meklin in Villa Karo Benin in March-April 2009 and at Teatro Fondamento Nuove Venice in March 2008.

Classical singing:

  • A student of Niina Victoria Tamminiemi since 2000.

  • Examination 2/2 in 2004


2019 Arts promotion centre Finland, 6800e.

2019 Island-Finland culturefoundation, 1000e.

2019 The city of Helsinki, 1500e.

2018 Kone Foundation, 28 800e +#boldmaker2018.

2018 Samuel Huber artfoundation, 2500e.

2017 Kari Mattila foundation, 800e.

2016 Alfred Kordelin foundation. 14 600e

2016 Arts promotion centre Finland, 8000e

2016 Arts promotion centre Finland, 2600e

2016, Arts promotion centre Finland, 360e