Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything is the power figure of choreorapher and dancer Laura Pietiläinen´s soul. Michaela is a bright star that radiates the universe. She can be what ever her heart is yerning. She wants to express her soul in it´s all variations in her dance and singing. Her intention is to release and allow herself to dance through a self-draft. Michaela loves to be grazy and in touch with emotions. She is connected to limitless energies of Universe and from there comes her dance. She creates her energetic performances with inspirational danceartists, musicians, fashion designers, visual artists, perfumer and  jewellery maker. The performances respect the energies - their free flow is both natural and mystical at the same time.


  Photo: Noora Geagea, make-up: Emilia Kawamura, costume: Suvi Matinaro


A wounded bird an intuition
like a shell covering me, me on ice
a frozen doe a beautiful heart shattered by grief
beats deep then turns to good things
I ask for help, to arrive, joy cleansing purifying giving
dangerous then but no longer, scared, a cape and a
crown to crown a true queen of ways of truth
to a new dream, dreaming in the arms of earth, in your arms
the universe and the low lands, no bleakness here, in between
more not of pity but encased by night,
the queen of the night alone and free and
vast, quite certain not invoking opened, dripping, serum, the ugliest
poem, nude female in young streams in one's own stream
drinking the nectar of life





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