Michaela The Queen of Fucking Everything, Paula Tuovinen, Kuumat Putket: Blondes (Blondit)

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Blondes is a version of Paula Tuovinen's 2000 solo piece Blonde reworked for Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes. It is a recycled version of the original choreography that assumes its own shapes, and flows without any restrictions. It focuses on Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Joonas Lampi of Hot Tubes, corresponding to the dynamic duo of Paula Tuovinen and set designer Kimmo Takala in the original. An amoeba-like constellation of members of Hot Tubes also appears in every performance. Paula Tuovinen's original performance explored the notions attached to the white female: woman as nature, woman as a child or a child-like creature, the white woman as a person of colour and the white woman as a joke. In the new version Michaela and the Hot Tubes blow up the notions and expressions of blondeness and give the centre stage to the inner bimbo in us all. Paula Tuovinen granted Michaela artistic freedom to work the motion material and the overall performance as her inner bimbo guides her, yet the effort still focuses on group work. Michaela is inspired especially by the aspect of the bimbo as something liberating and emancipatory. Michaela is the power figure of choreographer and dancer Laura Pietiläinen's soul, who channels the immeasurable, powerful and gentle energies of the universe, creating dance performances guided by the energy and emancipating everything she comes across. Laura Pietiläinen, Joonas Lampi and Paula Tuovinen are members of Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes, a collective of approximately ten dancers that perform freely in various configurations. In their earlier productions JUST Queens (2013) and Divine (2015), Hot Tubes explored femininity and gender in general from various perspectives: the personal, the risky, the weird and the familiar.

Choreography: Laura Pietiläinen, Paula Tuovinen
Performers: Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything, Joonas Lampi, Paula Tuovinen, Elina Hauta-aho, Linda Priha, Elisa Tuovila Stylist: Joonas Lampi Lighting & spatial design: Mikko Hynninen
Video design: Juhani Haukka
Music: Lotta Wennäkoski
Residency: The Saari residence
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Laura Pietiläinen, Paula Tuovinen

Duration: 45 minut

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen


Short grip of Blondes: https://vimeo.com/314493736
whole show: https://vimeo.com/306977703 password: zguestz

Press reviews and audience feedback
“What you are doing is really important, bold and special. It gives air to the time we are living now. Your doing is wonderfully fresh, powerful and it happens with infinite and undefined levels of sensitivity and power. The audience ripples with many energies of love and rage. Excitement, grounding and craziness are wonderful to share.”(audience)

”It was liberating to experience a performance that does not place the viewer with the need to read and create certain expected meanings, but instead transforms into a hilarious, funny, crazy, touching..- web. I don't remember when the performance would have resulted in liberating laughter! Came out as a joy! Rare in my experience as a viewer.”(audience)

“However, 18 years is not a very long time. In order to see the differences and to recognize similarities in the 2000 atmosphere, sensitivity and brains are needed, as well as the courage to throw into the insihts and hints. Fortunately, these features have never been missing from Laura Pietiläinen's works. The style of Pietiläinen, which is mirroring the environment without a skin and still powerful auteur handwriting, is perhaps the most influential in Blondes. The autobiographical portions are bare, but the fantasy of group work is equally revealing. Blondes is not any general version of Tuovinen´s solo work but perhaps a piece which is sharing even more painful personal experiences than the original work.” (Helsingin Sanomat press review 6.12.2018)

Laura Pietiläinen is a freelance choreographer, dancer and singer. She graduated as a Master of danceart in choreography program at the Theater Academy Helsinki in 2008. Since then she has performed her own art in Finland and abroad. She has made performances for example as a group called InstantKarma which combines classical singing and dancing and with female Go Go dance group Hot Tubes. In 2016 Laura was born as Michaela-The Queen of Fucking Everything through which she began to make her art. Michaela has a connection to the immeasurable, powerful, and energizing energies of the Universe. Michaela has done a lot of dance pieces and videos as collaboration with fashions designers, music artists, video artists and perfume maker. http://michaelathequeen.com/

Paula Tuovinen has worked extensively in the Finnish dance art field as a dancer, choreographer and teacher since the early 1980s. Tuovinen is currently the Director of the Arts Promotion Center. Before that, she worked for example as a Vice President of the University of the Arts. She has worked with numerous Finnish choreographers such as Sanna Kekäläinen, Tommi Huovinen, Markku Nenonen, Arja Raatikainen, Ari Tenhula and Petri Kekoni. She has taught for years in private dance schools and in the Theater Academy. She has directed dance films and for example choreographed a Bollywood movie. As a choreographer, her internationally renowned work is Blond from 2000, which she has performed in addition to the Nordic countries in Belgium, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Serbia-Montenegro. The latest solo piece from 2006 is REvenge. Tuovinen has been in management positions for the past few years, but still works as an artist from time to time. He has worked for example s with a Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes, which ordered Blondes recycling work from Tuovinen's solo work Blond. Tuovinen has worked with filmmakers, environmental artists and various visualists. She has also collaborated with several Finnish composers, including: Jukka Koskinen, Lotta Wennäkoski, Harri Kerko and Kaija Saariaho. Tuovinen is a master of philosophy.

Laura Pietiläinen